Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Some good SQL 2005 resources from Microsoft

Hi All,

For those who are interested in SQL Server (and not living under a rock) I'm sure you are aware that the SQL Server 2005 launch is coming up this November. If you are in Canada, registration has already begun with the first session in Toronto on November 8.

If you haven't registered yet, I've heard from sources at Microsoft that the seats are filling so you should reserve soon at the Microsoft Events site (click here).

To get ready I've been getting all the resources I could get my hands on (for free of course).

I've found two great resources that are worth checking out. The first is that Microsoft is offering free 90 day access to a number of SQL 2005 e-learning courses.

Also, they have gathered links all past and future webcasts and posted links on the SQL 2005 home page. They have broken the web casts out by MSDN and TechNet topics. Also, to make life for some easier, they have also created a BI webcast page that pull BI related content from both TechNet and MSDN. This may not seem earth shattering news, but I've always found it a bit hard to find webcasts so having them in one place is actually not a bad thing.

You can find the links to both e-learning and the webcasts (as well as lots more resources) at (

Now I just need a way to do away with the annoying need to sleep and I might be able to get through everything.