Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Intellisense in SQL Server -- can't wait

This was sent to me from another member of the Toronto SQL Server user group.  For those following the CTP releases of SQL Server 2008, a feedback post as been placed requesting a Goto Definition functionality in the SQL Management Studio. 

Goto is a cool idea (hat's off to DaringDave wherever you are) but  not likely to make it into the release code.  However, I found something more interesting in the response.  In the comments on this suggest, Microsoft adds:

"Transact SQL Intellisense is a part of the plan in SQL Server 2008. On the road of planning and execution, we will consider GoTo Definition as a feagure [[sic] candidate and address it in a future release of SQL Server."

Intellisense has been promised since SQL 2005 and has yet to show up in a CTP.  This is the most concrete confirmation I have come across so far that we will actually see this feature before SQL 2008 goes to Gold code.

As someone who spends a lot of time programming in T-SQL, I can't wait to see this feature.  It's always the small time saving features that are the coolest

My fingers are crossed in anticipation of the next CTP release (which I hope we will see before Christmas).

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm Back (sort of)

I started this blog as an experiment.  I wanted to learn the tools and get a feel for what blogging was all about without much sense of what I wanted to say.  Ok, not an auspicious start, but we all have to begin  somewhere and a least I wasn't sharing angst ridden poetry or personal details that no one would care about. 

Then, in a personal branding exercise, mostly driven by my partner in crime Gina Lijoi  I switched over to  However, I was having trouble finding a suitable tone writing both business oriented and purely technical posts in the same blog. 

Now that I'm starting to focus on content more and more, I am going to return to this blog, even though I'm not  crazy about the URL from an SEO perspective, as the home for my technical articles and will keep the other site for my business oriented posts.

Stay tuned.