Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Intellisense in SQL Server -- can't wait

This was sent to me from another member of the Toronto SQL Server user group.  For those following the CTP releases of SQL Server 2008, a feedback post as been placed requesting a Goto Definition functionality in the SQL Management Studio. 

Goto is a cool idea (hat's off to DaringDave wherever you are) but  not likely to make it into the release code.  However, I found something more interesting in the response.  In the comments on this suggest, Microsoft adds:

"Transact SQL Intellisense is a part of the plan in SQL Server 2008. On the road of planning and execution, we will consider GoTo Definition as a feagure [[sic] candidate and address it in a future release of SQL Server."

Intellisense has been promised since SQL 2005 and has yet to show up in a CTP.  This is the most concrete confirmation I have come across so far that we will actually see this feature before SQL 2008 goes to Gold code.

As someone who spends a lot of time programming in T-SQL, I can't wait to see this feature.  It's always the small time saving features that are the coolest

My fingers are crossed in anticipation of the next CTP release (which I hope we will see before Christmas).

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